steering and suspension


 Suspension components wear out gradually and may not be noticed until the system fails. So, it's important to have your suspension system checked periodically to ensure your driving comfort and safety, especially if your vehicle has been driven 80,000 km or more.  The steering and suspension systems are important for a safe, comfortable ride. When power steering is working optimally, you can respond to unexpected obstacles in the road.  The suspension system absorbs bumps in the road as well the impact of sudden stops, keeping the ride safe and smooth, also preventing the wear of other parts including brakes.  So it’s important to maintain your vehicle’s steering and suspension components to ensure a high level of comfort and stability. 

 Worn shocks and struts can allow excessive body roll when turning, which affects the vehicle's ability to safely steer around objects in the road they.can also allow too much weight transfer to the front wheels during braking, which could result in a measurable increase in stopping distance. 

 Monroe is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers worldwide, that's why Minute Muffler & Brake carries their product.  We carry top of the line parts to avoid failure due to a defective part, which could have serious results.