You should have your brakes checked once a year minimum to avoid costly repairs and/or brake failure.  Come see us and we'll inspect your entire brake system, explain any service we might recommend and provide you with a written estimate before we start.  There are many symptoms of brakes wearing out, some of them include: 

 - Brake pedal pulsating
- Grinding or Squealing noise 
- Brake pedal feels spongy
- Your car pulls one way when brake is applied
- Brake light is on
- Loss of brake fluid 

 By examining the brake pad sometimes we can determine whether or not the caliper needs to be replaced.  If the pad is worn unevenly this means the caliper could be seized, or sticking on one side which means it will need to be replaced. 

 There are two basic types of brakes: disc and drum. Most vehicles come with power assisted front disc and rear drum brakes and today, almost all vehicles are factory equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Computer-controlled ABS brakes are designed to allow you to maintain steering control preventing wheel lock-up during panic braking situations or braking on wet or icy surfaces.  It does this by pulsating each brake individually when it feels the tire slipping or skidding.