lube oil & filter


 Regular oil changes are one of the simplest, yet most important ways to keep your vehicle running smoother, longer.  Engine oil lubricates vital components, reducing friction to help your engine run cooler and suspend dirt particles to keep your engine clean.

 What kind of oil should you be using?  Choosing the right oil for your vehicle depends on a number of things. Your owner's manual will recommend the weight of oil recommended for your vehicle and if your vehicle is under warranty you should follow their recommendation.    There are many different grades of conventional oil, multi grades being the most common. 10W30 and 5W30 are the most common multi grade oils. So what does 10W30 mean? The number 10 is an index as to how well the oil flows in cold temperatures, the "W" means it can be used in winter and the number 30 refers to how it flows in high temperatures. 10W30 is the most frequently recommended multi-grade oil. Today, most new cars recommend 5W30 

 Fluid Exchange and System Flushes:

    Replacing old fluid with new fluid is important for preventative maintenance.  If you want to save a big bill in the future you should strongly consider flushing your fluids now.  We carry 4 flush machines including; Brake, Coolant, Transmission and Power Steering.  We also exchange fluid for differentials and transfer cases.